Being a former European Capital of culture in 2007, Sibiu is one of the cities that capture the beauty of the medieval times. Also known as Hermannstadt due to German influences, the city captures the beauty of Romania in the best manner possible.

Sibiu is one of the most interesting destinations to explore on foot. No matter if you have been here or not, your journey should start from the Large Square where you can find historical monuments as the Catholic Church, the Blue House or the City Hall.


Then, you can visit the Brukenthal Museum which holds over 1000 works of art, sculptures and a Gothic Exhibition. Your next stop should be the Bridge of Lies, but be careful: the legend says that if that who stands on the bridge tells a lie, the bridge would fall down. But do not worry, there is a small distance between the bridge and the road below.


After you have proven that you are telling the truth, you should visit the Tower of Stairs which holds one of the oldest clocks in Romania dating back to the 15th century and from the last floor you can enjoy a spectacular view over the city. If you are not keen on climbing all the steps just for an overview, you can choose to walk on one of the most famous streets in the city- Cetatii .You can admire old traditional houses and get a good view over the Carpenters` Tower.


When you have time for a break, you should not miss on the traditional food which is delicious and it can be found only in that southern part of the country. The Small Square is the place where you can find most of the good restaurants and pubs, serving traditional food as well as international dishes.

At night, Sibiu shatters the illusion of an old city and comes to life as people head out to the clubs in the city. Good music, spectacular atmosphere and joyful people-this is how you can describe the nightlife of Sibiu. 5

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