Cris Doloc

Lecturer@ University of Chicago Founder and CEO of FintelligeX Inc.

Lecturer@ University of Chicago

Founder and CEO of FintelligeX Inc.

Cris Doloc is a Computational Scientist and an accomplished technology leader with more than 25 years of experience in Enterprise Software Architecture, Machine Learning & High Performance Computing.

Cris is the founder & CEO of FintelligeX Inc., a novel Professional Learning Academy designed to empower financial trading firms and their workforce with the tools and knowledge required to take full advantage of the predictive power of modern Cognitive Computing tools through professional education and corporate training. Cris is also a lecturer at the University of Chicago, where he is teaching in the Financial Mathematics program a course on “Case Studies of Implementations in Computational Finance”.

Cris has spent a good portion of his career in working in leading roles for well-established trading firms in Chicago. As a Trading System Architect, Cris has led the development of several large scale trading systems. His area of expertise is in architecting and developing enterprise level systems for trading, valuation and risk. As a Financial Engineer, Cris has developed mathematical models and software for valuation and risk management of portfolios for financial instruments, as well as quantitative trading strategies.

During the past decade Cris has held several executive level positions:

– Chief Technology Officer of Terra-Nova Financial, a self-clearing Broker dealer in US Equity and Options, and the before that

– Founder and Principal of Quantras Research Ltd., a boutique Research & Development firm specialized in providing expertise in the area of Computational Finance, Financial Engineering, and Quantitative Trading.

Cris has established himself as a thought leader in the field of High Frequency Trading. As such, Cris has been a frequent speaker at several technology Conferences: the GTC Technology Conference in Silicon Valley and the Global Derivatives Conference in Chicago. Cris has been as a frequent panelist at Trade shows in Chicago and New York.

Cris has authored a dozen of scientific papers published in international Physics journals, and his work has generated many citations in world recognized scientific journals. He has been invited to present a dozen of talks at international conferences and workshops.

Cris holds a PhD in Computational Physics awarded by the French Atomic Energy Commission in Paris – France, and a Master in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Bucharest in Romania.

Cris Doloc