To become a leader in advancing fintech innovation in Romania and beyond
YLCF brings together developers and fintech enthusiasts to develop financial products and discover new technologies impacting the world of finance. Participants are allowed freedom to express creativity within their business case and encouraged to develop unique solutions — with an emphasis on using the latest technology like machine learning or blockchain.


The next generation of leaders in fintech in Romania

Why participate
• Build your own fintech start-up
• Catalyze innovation inside fintech companies, banks, insurance companies
• Start your IT career within the financial services industry

Who can participate:
• computer science
• mathematics
• cybernetics
• finance
• product design
• or business are encouraged to apply.
You can participate individually or in teams. The YLCF team and our partners may also provide teams potential ideas to work on and offer prizes to the best team.

After 7 days, the participants come together for a demo day when they will be presenting the final outcome of their work to an expert panel of industry leaders who will provide first class feedback.

Demoing to industry experts and receive first hand feedback.

Networking, relationship building, storytelling and personal branding.

Determining how and where does your projects move forward.